Artist Statement

If my fine art photography has a purpose, it is this: to capture commonly viewed scenes and environments and present them to the viewer with hope of invoking an emotional response, unexpected feelings, or a forgotten memory. I am inspired by the timeless beauty in nature as well as objects representing Americana. It may be a waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation or an old abandoned rusty truck. Whatever the subject, I strive to convey not just a photograph but an artistic image. If the photograph has given the viewer a chance to pause, I feel my purpose has been accomplished. I have a great eye for composition and envisioning the finished product. I make the effort to capture unique landscapes or other objects of interest.

Control of the artistic vision has only just begun at the time of capture. It is during the post production when I use my creativity to convey the personal emotion I experienced when looking through the viewfinder and pressing the shutter button. In the post processing I may add dynamic contrast, make a color adjustment, enhance shadows, or remove an offending natural element (ie: a branch) as it may be a visual distraction. I continue to work until the image has become my vision of a fine art photograph.

My vision is to create something credible; not something that exists in reality…an image one could consider possible even though the same exact image may not be found in nature.

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